Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goal Achieved with a love note on the side

Logan wants and orange Furby for Christmas.  They were sold out at the store in the color he wanted so I ordered one online. Perfect.

His best friend Seth wants one too... in the same color!  Seth's birthday party is coming up soon, so another friend of my Evelyn (who's son is also friends with Seth) and I decided to go in together on a gift for Seth.

However, I was worried about ordering it online in case it didn't arrive in time...  so I called Walmart.  They had ONE left at 9 am yesterday. By some absolute fluke, it was the smae color I was looking for AND the customer service rep agreed to put it on hold for me.

That would have been fine except that I had to work late last night.  I had plans on going to meet the boys at hockey and then go shopping after.

I worked late unexpectedly.  Then I was in my autopilot zone and got on my regular bus going home COMPLETELY blanking that the hockey arena is on a different street.

 So I had to hop off that bus and wait for another one.  But because of the concert at the MTS center last night, traffic at that time of night was stupid. So I had to wait even longer for the damn bus!

I decided to go straight to Walmart to pick up the toy.  So relieved that I got them to put it on hold because the store was completely sold out when I got there.  GOAL ACHIEVED!  Got the Furby!

 Then I had to find another bus to take me to the arena... got there just in time as they were leaving.

Too funny though... when we got home I was going through Logan's backpack looking for notes from the teacher... they have an agenda book all parents have to sign every day to prove you have read it.

There was TWO notes from girls to Logan. TWO!   One from Lucy and the other from Tessa (I think that was her name, that or Terra...)

Lucy's note was so sweet.  "Logan you are a STAR!" (complete with a cool picture)... with "To Logan From Lucy" on the front.

The other was kind of weird.  It was very self depricating and made me kind of sad.  It said "To Logan, LOVE Terra (or Tessa... again.. not sure).  Then the inside had a beautiful picture, but she had written, "Terra is stupid" on it....  What?   

 It this some sort of school age dating there where you put yourself down so that Logan would say you werent't?

It was just so sad to me.

I asked Logan about it... he just said, "I'll keep Lucy's.... recycle the other one"..

Damn Logan... that's COLD!


HP said...

That's all I can say!

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