Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Awesomeness

Do you know what it awesome about today?


Nothing! I have NOTHING to do tonight. No hockey, no swimming, no playdates.... sweet, glorious dick all.

So excited!  

Should have posted this on Wednesday for the AMJ update, but whatevs. I have also been taking measurements because the entire story is not told on the scale...  And... drum roll.... Lost over an inch on my waist!
It's working!!!

Been doing the cardio/weight workout... enjoy that significantly more than running. It's tough enough to get motivated to run at all, but I am waiting for a part to come in for my treadmill. It won't be here until Wednesday, so until then I have to find other ways of exercising.

Circle back to my weekend, seeing as I have nothing to do (one hockey game on Saturday afternoon), I can sleep in and have a luxurious morning of getting up around 9am....

& Since Sunday is Rembrance Day, there is nothing scheduled for that day either! Sweetness.

Cheers to the freaking weekend! I'll drink to that!


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