Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday's are my new favorite thing

The Bachelor Canada was on last night.

Oh my gawd do I love this show!!

I think what I like most about it is that Brad (the bachelor, not my husband) live tweets during the broadcast.

So do I.  It's funny in that Brad (again... bachelor, not my husband) has tweeted me back a few times... so hilarious.  Makes the show so much more fun.

I almost have to re-watch it later because I am tweeting so much during the episode that I miss parts.

I seriously have to wonder if watching the show changes his mind about things.  Whitney has crossed over into crazy girlfriend territory, but I have to think about the side that he sees. At the time, is he privy to the forehead vein throbbing and stink eye?  Not likely.  Still, if that girl says,
"it's a competition" one more time, I think the fan base might snap.   She's right, it is a competition, but... **wrinkle nose**'re here for the right reason,  yeah.... ok.
Bianka is ok.  Meh.  She seems to think that having dated a sports start (Kim Kardashian's ex husband) has given her some insight into dating a sport star.  Perhaps it has, but the fact that she keeps mentioning it irks me.  That and her inflated lips.   I am not a fan of facial plastic surgery (except of course for medical reason obviously...) I have said it before, go to town from the neck down, but leave your face the fuck alone.  Seriously.

Gabrielle is odd.  Sometime she's right on the money with her observations and then the pendulum swings and she is up to her eyeballs in bitchiness.  She didn't really have much of a role on this last episode. I can't stop thinking about that last hot tub she had with Brad when she was going on about her sense of humor and how peope can't handle it. Ugh. Shut up. Shut up now.

Kara is there.  She seems normal enough. Although I could really do without the footage of her brushing her teeth and spitting in the sink.  I mean you are filming these chicks in a gorgeous mansion 24-7 with an open bar and spitting in the sink with a little colgate product placement is the best you can come up with?  Really?

As of right now, I am leaning toward the idea that he is going to pick Bianka, cause he says she calls him on his shit.  Fair enough.  As long as balls out crazy Whit doesn't "win" then  I am fine with whomever.  Apparently there is a contest put on by some Razor company ( because apparenty these girls are part of a new species... the Canadian hairless) where you can win tickets to After the Final Rose.

That would be an amazing thing to watch.

Big thanks to my girl Heather for getting me hooked up with this season.... So awesome.


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