Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Turkey Recap

It was a good long weekend.

Hockey though. Lots and lots of hockey.

I am really excited for the season.  Logan's team just freaking rules.  His best friend Seth is there, which is awesome for me, as I am good friends with his Mum Debbie.  Then we also got paired with Connor and Rylan Eggerman and again... we are good friend with their parents.

While we were all in the stands watching (Brad was on the ice with Debbie's husband Dave as they are the coaches), we all got to chatting. OMG, so much fun.  They nominated me to be the social convenor of the team. HAHAHA!  So we are going to be having a lot of team events where the parents can get together and have fun as well.

Zach's team is great too. Don't know as many kids on that team, but sitting in the stands I got to talking with one of the Mum's Patty.  She seems to approach hockey like we do, so I was relieved to hear that.

Saturday night we just had Turkey dinner, the 4 of us. Sunday we went to visit my Mum and Dad. It was funny, with Mum and Dad living in Texas during the winter and then us spending all our time with them at the cabin in the summer, we realised that we hadn't actually been to their house in quite some time.

Monday Logan and I went to visit GG and brought her some pumpkin pie.  It's hard for her to get out now. She can't do any stairs and both my house and my Mum's have them.   So instead we go to her place and have a visit.

We got to try out Facetime chat with Brad (who was at home).  She thought that the video calls were pretty cool.

Today is the start of United Way week at work.  So excited for this week and so excited for it to be over. LOL.  Today especially.  Once I get this speech out of the way, I will feel loads better.


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