Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday.. there I typed it twice

Why typed?  Because my voice is still pretty much effed at this point.

Wonder how long this squeaky, squaky, breathiness will go on?

Brad had a good time on his trip to Hamilton. It was the last game to be played at Ivor Wynne stadium and so it was a pretty good party.

Went to the doctor yesterday for my physical.  She is unsure what is causing my voice loss, but it would appear to be a result of lots of coughing.   So she prescribed some nasal sprays and allergy meds to dry everything up (ew) and hopefully that will make things a little better.

Have to go shopping tonight. Really need to stock up on groceries and replenish the wine supplies.  After all Bachelor Canada is on tommorw and watching that show without a glass of wine in hand is simply....

Happy Gate Night.


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