Sunday, October 14, 2012

There is not enough hours in my weekend.

I have been marking consistently nonstop between hockey practices, playdates and birthday parties. Not to mention when I had to stop and make dinner... Gawd... those pesky buggers insist on being fed every few hours or so.

it's like marking is a full on time suck. Fed the kids breakfast and then what seemed like 5 minutes later they come around in search of food again...

Seriously! Didn't I JUST feed you?

On a positive note, I successfully avoided any birthday cake temptation. When i picked Logan up from the party, I visited for a bit cause i am friends with the Mum, Evelyn.  Party treats were everywhere (cake, ice cream, chips etc....), but my mind is well fixed on AMJ and my 25 by 25 goal, so I was pretended it wasn't there...

Seemed to work anyways!

So dinner is made and eaten, boys have showered and are now in bed.  It's 7:41 and I am sitting here super exhausted.

I'm no expert, but I am pretty sure I shouldn't be this tired on a Sunday night.... does not make for a happy Monday.


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