Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday recap

Got shit done.  More shit to do.
Story of my life.

Made it throught the two hockey practices, the birthday party and some more grocery shopping.  Thrilling.  If you're still awake... and frankly I barely am... keep reading.

Did manage to get some marking done.  I didn't start until 1:30pm or so, but I am about half done. So with most of the day to work on it tomorrow, I should be able to finish it up.  Assignment 1 isn't bad at all. It's Assignment 2 that is just balls to the walls craziness.

Brad didn't get a deer today hunting.  While he saw loads of them, they were too far away. It's archery season right now, which is a little more challenging in some cases. With the all the good sightings, he should have a good shot at getting something in black powder or high power.  **I get confused with the whole black powder, muzzle loading, high power extravaganza.

So this is my Saturday night. I am sitting here marking papers, drinking water as I am out of wine.  Ugh.


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