Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh sweet bliss that is Friday.

It's Friday.
Thank the lord.

This week was so busy with the campaign.  Tons of emails, things to do, places to be....

Honestly, I loved it. It is a great feeling helping out for such a worthy cause - makes you feel good about your place in the world.  The only thing though is that because I was so busy with the campaign, I didn't have any time to mark papers, so that is my weekend project.

Brad is going away this weekend, so I have to squeeze in my marking somewhere.  Logan has hockey Sat am, then we are going to go Halloween costume shopping.  Then Logan has a birthday party on Saturday after hockey and Zach has hockey in the evening.

Sunday isn't much better.  Logan has a playdate at 1pm, then Zach has one at 1:30.  Honestly, I am rapidly beginning to feel more like their no-nonsense secretary than their mother these days.  It's like at any moment I am expecting Logan to say, "Mum could you please reschedule my playdate with Seth to 2pm on Sunday. Check and see if Keegan is available for the 19th...."

So two playdates, two hockey practices, one birthday party and a partridge in a fucking pear tree.  Logan  actually asked me if he could have some friends over tonight...  Let me check Logan...

Every year for the kids valentines, I try to do something a little creative.   Hadn't thought of anything yet, but I was getting in the spirit, because we are also going costume shopping this weekend (if I can just find enough freaking hours in the day to get it all done).
The regular drug store valentines are just beyond a snooze fest.  This year, I will be making Franken-krispies to be attached to the Valentines... So cute...

Let me weekend begin!


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