Friday, October 12, 2012


Zach has decided to go as some sort of monster. Not quite sure.  However, I do applaud him choosing a t-shirt that says "Wicked" on it.    While kids his age won't get it, the reason I like it is because on the back it says, "You got it Park Pontiac".  It's a shirt from the 80s, based on that commercial with the super cheesy announcer saying "WICKED!"

Logan on the other hand is still thinking.  What he has decided however is that halloween costumes need more fake birds.  Logan doesn't like being like everyone else and he went thr fake bird route.  Can't argue with him, in the land of Batman and Star Wars costumes, the kid with the stuffed parrot on his shoulder is going to stand out.  As of right now, he is thinking of being a ninja with a bird... but this is changing daily.


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