Friday, October 5, 2012

Day off mid week

I think a day off mid week is the way to go. Honestly.  I took yesterday off for a Dr. Appointment (which was super frustratingly in the middle of the day) and so it was just easier to take a day off.

Got loads done.  Weather wasn't pleasant at all, but made for a nice hot tub evening!

This weather is completely full of WTF. I mean really, it's only the beginning of October.  We should have at least a month or so of warmish weather before the snow hits.

Gonna go on a slight tangent... come with me, it'll be fun.  I was searching for pictures of fish last night with Logan. He wanted to find out what kind of fish he has (it's a goldfish). we went to Google in search of elusive goldfish pictures.  Do you know what we found?  An underwater nun staring at a goldfish.  Stock photos are just hilarious.  Why on EARTH would anyone ever need a picture of a nun, underwater, wearing rainbow goggles, praying while staring at a goldfish. When would that scenario ever come up?


I stock photos said...

That's the thing about stock photos, there's one for almost every single scenario that you can think of. Even if you see one that looks odd, chances are someone else can apply it in a useful context.

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