Monday, October 1, 2012

Big. Freaking. Goal.

Go big or go home right?

I have set a challenge for myself. It's hereby called.
25 by 25.

Well, if I just leave it like that without filling you in a bit more it would be completely lame.

Spelled out, my goal is to lose 25lbs by the 25th of December.  Merry Christmas to me.  My present to myself is a smaller backside.

Since getting back on track after the summer,  I am down 5lbs, which means I have (wait for it, big math coming up...) 20lbs more to go.

There is essentially 12 weeks to Christmas, which is roughly (wait... more math...) 1.6 lbs a week.

Seems do-able enough.  Even if I don't make it, as long as I am still losing, then it's a positive thing.  It's no different than a store having a promotion right?  I am just self motivating!!


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