Saturday, September 22, 2012

What a long freaking day

Got up early, so Logan could go to his hockey tryouts.

That went well, except that Logan's helmet was too small (even though we had tried it on at home and he said it was fine), so after the tryout we had to get him a new one.

Then Zach had his first soccer game. They lost, but played well.  Came home grabbed a bite to eat, back to the field for game 2.  Played awesome!  Won that game.

Came home... vegged out for a bit, and then out to the arena for Zach's hockey tryout.  It was his second of three skates. The first was last night, which I missed, cause Logan and I were at the Bomber game.

Still, I was so impressed.  Honestly, I could care less if he is on A1 or A3.  All I want him to do is try hard and have fun.  He was skating his ass off out there.  So proud of him.

So now, we are at home and even though I am not the one who actually did any of the sports today, I am just tired from all the running around.

That, and I can't get warm!!!! From the cold soccer field to the cold arena... I need some warmth!

So it's funny, the boys know that I am happy with them, so they asked if they could play the Wii tonight.  Yup! I think they deserved it.

Oh yeah! Nailed it today!


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