Friday, September 7, 2012

Watermelon Bombs

Oh my what it is this fuckery?

So the boys were fighting this am.  Shocking I know.   I try to let them sort these squirmishes out themselves before I intervene. I mean how else are they going to learn right?

So I basically was listening in the other room doing my hair.   Their arguments are just effing ridiculous.  It's embarassing to think that my DNA is involved in something so stupid.

Then out of the blue I heard a bang. That is never good, so I went in to check it out.  It was like a Watermelon had exploded. Logan threw his lunch box at Zach. Zach has pretty good reflexes and dodged it, but it spectacularly hit the wall instead.  Of course this was the day that I packed watermelon which doesn't hold up well to being thrown at walls, so it was a unbelievable mess.

I got there just as it happend. Zach was looking wide eyed at Logan and then to me...

Zach just looked at Logan and said, "You're going to regret that in about 2 seconds"

I was totally tempted to scrape up the reminants of Logan's lunch and schmuck it back into his lunch kit and send him on his way to teach him a lesson.  But of course I didn't. Logan knew he was in serious shit because he didn't say anything.  Logan is Captain Smartmouth, he only shuts up when things are about to go DOWN!

Logan had to clean up the mess while I quickly made a new lunch.  See what you're missing if you live in a harmonious household?  Watermelon lunch bombs.

But there is a life lesson here....


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