Friday, September 28, 2012

Retail Success

Oh happy day.  Love getting things 50% off. 

Went shopping at lunch with Heather and got a bunch of tanks to go under blazer, a sweater vest and a ridiculously ostentacious peacock necklace.

Went back tonight with Kendra (which was planned all along) and picked up a color block dressed in Yellow.  Up until now, I have not owned a single item of clothing that is yellow.  Seriously, yellow is a colora-non-grata in my wardrobe.  But in an effort to make it look like I am not constantly in mourning,  I thought I should get some color.

Finished off the evening with a pumpkin spice latte (the ever so slightly less fun, sugar-free, fat free version, but still). 

There is something about being on a diet.  Call it a lifestyle change if you want, but that's just window dressing and just like dieting, you can't sugar coat it.  I begrudgingly admit that when I eat healthier, my whole gluten/sugar intolerance is much happier, so that's a good thing.  I am blessed with a husband who thinks the sun shines out of my ass no matter what size I am, and for that I am truely grateful.

Some people are totally clueless though.  Going to go on record with the following statement.  If you are naturally thin and don't have to diet or exercise, then wow, good for you, but you should probably keep that shit to yourself.  However, if you choose to verbalize your situation to a size 12 woman chewing on a celery stick, we cannot be held responsible for our actions.

Anywhoo.  No big plans for the weekend.  Just the regular smattering of hockey and whatnot.  Going to enjoy it because the next two week are going to be really freaking busy with United Way week, marking papers and full on hockey.

This week went by really fast. Going to be Christmas before I know it.


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