Friday, September 14, 2012


It s been a long time coming.

Back around Valentines...yes Valentines, we found out that the stack at the front of the house was leaking.
We repaired the wall on the inside and fixed the vapor barrier.  For the last few months, I have been staring at a drywalled wall, with no paint.  The outside is going to be done in the Spring, along with new siding.

However, as the for the inside, we were just too busy to get around to it, Brad didn't want to hire someone...etc etc.  Finally, we are getting around to it.

The trouble is with our house (as with many, is that it's got an open concept.  That is great for living, but shitty for painting, because where do you stop?  That is why we put off the painting, it wasn't just going to be a touch up in one area, it meant repainting almost the entire main floor!

This is my list of reno's for the weekend:
1. Repaint entrance
2. Repaint Living room
3. Repaint pop out wall thing where our hutch sits
4. Repaint bathroom
This will be me, just moving from one room to the next painting....

5. Install new verticals. We have a big front window. So unless I get custom fabric done (or do it myself bwah ha ha ha)  it take a few pre-bought panels to cover it. I don't like how that looks, so we are going to install verticals.

6. Don't think I will get to this one this weekend, may be later in the month, but we are going to install a mosaic backsplash in the kitchen.

Add to that Hockey Tryouts/evaluations, and a family birthday party with Brad's side of the family (AT OUR HOUSE!!!  I must be insane) on Sunday afternoon. It's shaping up to be a squirrely weekend.

I don't think that I will finish my to do list by the time they get there, but whatever.... we can hang out in the basement/backyard.  We didn't get a chance to celebrate Logan or Zach's birthday with Brad's family so we are going to do that this weekend.

So that's it... my crazy weekend...


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