Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holy Productive Batman.

It was a really productive weekend.

Friday night, I went and did some serious shopping.  I went and got all the stuff from Home Depot for the painting renos, ordered some custom blinds for the front window, went grocery shopping, hit the LC....


Saturday, got up early and started painting. Brad took Logan to hockey tryouts - which went really well. Yay.

So by Saturday evening, the entrance, living room, dining room and hutch outjet thing were all painted.  Sunday morning, got up, went and did some more shopping, fruit/veggie trays for the party /cake for the party etc. Then did a majorly clean of the house. So nice to be rid of all the drywall dust.

I had just finished cleaning, and sat down for a glass of wine, when the door bell rang... Brad's parents had arrived for the party. Shortly thereafter, Brett, Bonnie and the boys came over.  We had a nice BBQ.

Everyone went home around 8 and by 8:15, I think I was ready to fall into bed.

Still, it feels SO good to finally have everything painted and done.



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