Wednesday, September 19, 2012

GPS my ass

My phone is my compass to the world. My contacts, calendar... everything.

Last night I was working late.  As I was finishing up, I realised that if I hauled ass, I could make the last bus, so I grabbed all my stuff and ran.

When I got to the bus stop, I realised that I didn't have my phone.  My first reaction was that Damn, I left it at work, but then I started second guessing myself.  I was thinking there was a chance that I put it in my pocket.  In this shabby coat that I have, the pocket stitching has come undone, so anything that I put in my pocket falls right out the bottom.   Lovely.

Not allowing myself to immediately freak out, I hopped the bus and went home.    I thought that if I logged onto Blackberry protect and it told me my phone was at work downtown (based on the gps), then I wouldn't worry as it was likely at my desk.

Well, I got home and the GPS tracking told me my phone was around St. Matthews avenue / Canad Inn Stadium

Cue Freakout.

So breofre I called MTS to say that my phone was lost, I wanted to make sure, so I drove back to work. Sure enough, my phone was sitting happily on my desk.

Uh... GPS?.... Canada Inn stadium is no where near Portage and Vaughn.  NO WHERE NEAR.

So while I am thrilled that I got my phone, I could have done without the ride back to work to check whether or not my phone was there or at the Bomber game.


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