Monday, September 3, 2012

End of summer

One week at the cabin and I feel like I have been gone a month.

In a good way.

It's so unbelievably decadent, sleeping in, drinking all the time, hanging out with friends.

We went fishing, Zach caught catfish, Logan caught a Walleye. For Zach's birthday we hit the Wawanesa outdoor waterpark, hung out with Dale and Courtney.

Last night was our last big hurrah.  We went over to Dale and Courtney's to watch the Bombers get the asses kicked.  Neillie came over too.  Just hung out on the deck drinking and enjoying the sunset.  At some point during the evening we ended up dancing in the living room... LOL.

So to send off my summer vacation in style....some end of summer songs...


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