Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday is the new Friday

So I realized yesterday that I have lots of holidays to use up. I thought that I only had a few left after booking summer vacation and Christmas, but as it turns out I have more than I thought, so I am taking Thursday and Friday off.  Brain wave.

Not sure what we are going to do. Brad has to work so it will be just me and the boys.  I was thinking of heading up to Birds Hill, they have amazing bike paths there...

So I finally downloaded the Biebs' album last week.  Outside of 2 songs, I really love the whole album. I made Brad listen to it the ENTIRE way out to our cabin.  Just sitting there in the passenger side going...

I kept thinking that I was going to get him to admit that the songs are good. But he was just politely listening there like...
So I guess I will have to employ a more direct approach.
Anyways, going to Rainbow Stage tonight with Kendra. Going to go see ANNIE!
Nice way to start off a mini break!!


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