Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Solid Monday

It was a really good evening.

Boys were in an awesome mood, they were so much fun!  Logan got ahold of my Blackberry and started taking some pics.... When I got my phone back, I was ever so slightly concerned with what he might have taken pictures of... some of the gems...

Logan's bird Drago

The Lögster

Pissing off Zach

Our Fish, Fred and George

This is one of his socks.

That kid cracks me up.  They are so different.  Zach is more serious, more pensive.  He has an empathy that goes beyond his years.  Logan has an absolute lust for life and finds the fun in anything and everything he does.  He brings out the best in people.

Tonight is grocery shopping, which is a REALLY good thing because I was getting to the bottom of the barrel.  Last night for supper we have Baking Powder Biscuits, Bacon and Bananas.... apparently dinner was brought to you by the letter B. At least that was how I sold it to the boys... they got a kick out of it.


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