Thursday, August 2, 2012

Facebook post with a side order of judgement please.

Ok. Buckle up... it's going to be a long one. You might want to grab a snack.
First the background.

In 2003, I got pregnant. That is not even close to being note worthy, but stay with me.

At the time, I didn't know many people who were at that phase of their life. Majority of my friends were still single. So, I didn't really have a sounding board for pregnancy related chatter.

Enter Internet.

See, if you can believe it, this was BEFORE Facebook.  I joined a website called TCOYF, which stood for (Taking Charge of Your based on a book that discussed how to chart cycles with temperatures etc etc.).  They had a bunch of online chat/bulletin boards.  I joined one called the "Hot Summer Mamas". It was a group of women who were all due around August 2003.

We had a really good core group of women and formed friendships.  We were on that website for years and then switched over to Facebook.  I can't recall if we formed a group on Facebook, or whether we just added eachother as Friends.  Doesn't really impact the story, so....who cares.

 I was the only Canadian, but the rest were from the States.  The thoughts and opinions of the ladies in this group were varied. One of the girls was from the Southern States and quite a devout Christian. Her Facebook posts conveyed that with daily bible readings etc.  Not really my cup of tea, but to each their own.

Ok... Fast forward to yesterday.

This was her Facebook Status:


HP said...

Do you think she really accepted your opinion, or just read "you are right" and that's as far as she got?

Jodi said...

I don't know - I am choosing to believe that she accepted it.

Doesn't really matter either way as it was kind of the last straw for me and I unfriended her.

HP said...

Good job. Definitely don't need someone like that in your world.

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