Thursday, August 16, 2012

1 more day...(you don't count the day you're on)

As of Friday, I am on holidays Baby!

I got all of my marking finished Tuesday night, so I can now go on holidays without having to try and upload assignments in a Wawanesa parking lot using a Rogers Rocket stick for internet. Which FYI is painfully slow when you are in the middle of farmland.

First up on the vacation agenda is Erica and Devon's wedding.  We are taking the boys with us, so we won't be staying late or anything.   Erica always babysits Logan's bird Drago, so he asked if he could come to her wedding.  We had initially planned on going straight from there to the cabin, but I am not really sure what our plans are now... the wedding is at a Dairy Farm in Pilot Mound, so it's about as close to home as it is to the cabin...We have people at the cabin putting up our garage, so I think we might just come home. 

There has been a lot of ups and down with the wedding.   A whole bunch of our friends aren't going anymore, so Brad and I aren't going to know anyone there.  But hey... your friend is getting married.. you go.

The days leading up to vacation are always the worst, because there is tons-o-shit to do and yet your mind is totally on the fact that you will be getting 17 glorious days of holidays. Cause right now, I feel burnt out.

The whole goal of my holidays is to just chill the fuck out. Honestly. That's it.

Some years we have a massive big holiday planned, but this year we decided to kick it old school. Go to the cabin, go fishing with the boys.  We are going to have a well stocked bar fridge, because hey...
So in the coming weeks, let's all keep this in mind shall we?


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