Sunday, July 15, 2012

That was it???

Brad and I took the whole kitchen apart, countertops off, cabinets out... you name it expecting to find the source of the leaking water.  What did we find?

Sweet dick all

Apparently the dripping sound was water hitting the pipe on a bit of an angle.  We straightened the pipe. No dripping sound.

So, with the kitchen put back together, we still had to figure out the cause of the moisture on the vapor barrier.

We had opened it up to let it dry out.   We had been told that if the water was coming from the foundation i.e. there was a crack or something in it, there would be a whitish powder on the cement.  There wasn't and the cement was totally dry.

What we did find however, was a number of breeches to the vapor barrier up high.  So at this point it is looking like that was our problem.    Given what we could have been facing.... pretty decent.
Minor celebratory dance...

Plus as a bonus, everything got reinstalled with no damage which is a good thing because I realized the counter top I was wanted was over $2000.


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