Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tarred and Grassed???

There is some road work going on around my street.  There were guys out working this am, but there was no signage to say that the road/lanes were closed or anything.

The roads around my house are fairly new or recently re-surfaced, so they are black.  We got a bit of rain yesterday so I didn't think anything of what I thought was a very shallow puddle on the road.

It was not a puddle of water.  What is was in fact, was a covering of tar or some sort of liquid goo.

I didn't notice right away until my shoes started sticking to the pavement.  However, about that time I was walking across the grassy blvd that had recently had the grass cut so grass clipping were everywhere.

Which meant that by the time I realized what was going on, the bottom of my shoes looked like grassy slippers. I tried scraping my shoes on the pavement to get the crap off but it didn't work.


So when I got to work I used a plastic knife and got most of the stuff off, but the bottom of my shoes are still a little sticky.

Oh well, could be worse I supposed, I could have slipped and falled (totally plausible given my track record for tripping on a perfectly level surface) into the black goo.


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