Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fish Funeral, Bazinga and Pancakes....

What an odd morning.

It wasn't so much  crazy or anything, it was just a series of rather odd, none to common events.

My morning started at 4 am when I heard Logan getting up to use the bathroom.  That in itself isn't so odd, but the sobbing that followed was.  So I went to check on him. Apparently, Logan had discovered that at some point during the night, his goldfish Ron had died.

Moment of silence for Ron the Goldfish.

For some reason, Logan is big on "proper" goodbyes.  Hence the book funeral at school etc.   So at 4 am we agreed to have a funeral for Ron in the morning when everyone got up. Sometimes Logan is quite private, so I asked him if he would like to have some privacy for the funeral or if Zach and I should come.  To which he replied, "we all should be there Mum".  Fair enough.

I give Zach huge props this am.  I woke him up (something he is never thrilled with and usually takes about 15 minutes to warm up to the idea) and explained about Logan's fish and how upset he was.  First thing out of Zach's mouth was "I'm up. I'm up."  He went right into Logan's room and gave him a huge hug.  My boys might fight alot but when things count they support eachother, so that was really sweet to see.

We all got dressed and then I scooped out Ron from the tank.  Logan said a few nice words, as did I and then we flushed him.

RIP Ron.

Ok. Fish now taken care of, we had to get ready for the day.

After being up since 4 am, I was in need of some coffee, so I brewed a big pot so that I could have some now and still have enough to take a to go mug.  Poured myself a big cup into my Red Bazinga Mug.

Took the boys across the street to daycare only to realise that I am still holding my Red Bazinga Mug. Apparently my subconsious felt that I needed to have it with me.

Who am I to stand in the way of my subconsicous?

So boys all sorted away, I made my way back to the house (Bazinga mug in tow of course).

Got all my stuff and headed out to the bus. Ok.. for this next part, you need a bit of background...There is this guy who sits at the back of my 59 Aldgate bus at 7:20 every morning.

He is always eating.

So far we have seen (witnessed by a coworker to be sure I am not making this up),
His signature drink that he always has with him is a big glass of orange juice with ice cubes.

On todays menu was pancakes. Yes, pancakes on a moving bus.

To ensure that everyone around him is aware that he enjoys his food, we all get to be privy to the "yummy noises" he makes. MMMMMMMM!

To add to the charm is his desire for eye contact with all who glance at him. He holds your gaze and smiles. Quite unsettling really.

Got downtown and was treated to the overpowering stench of either garbage or sewage.... can't really tell. Not sure if I want to know.  Once inside the building it was alright.  It is going to rain today I think, so maybe it will wash away whatever airborne funk is currently out there.

So see what I mean?  Not crazy or anything, just a little ...odd...

Happy Wednesday.


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