Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And the hits just keep on coming....

I mean seriously... WTF?  How many hits are there??

First on Valentines day we realized that the furnace hook up/air space seal broke and was letting in moisture from outside. So we fixed the inside portion of that (still waiting on paintig) and will fix the outside next year.

Then the AC died. Which has now been fixed.

Now, the main drain stack from the kitchen sink is leaking.


I hate house renos. Hate them.  Well actually no. I hate UNPLANNED house renos.  Renos where I decided when/where/how like the bathroom remodels last year, those are fine.

These nice little surprises can kiss my ass.

So this weekend, Brad is going to take off the countertops in the kitchen (secretly hoping that we have to get new ones...) and look behind the corner cupboard to see what is going on with the main stack. Lovely. Just lovely.

I want no more part of them. None at all!

Maybe I will go though my Top ten to make myself feel better...

Ahh... that did it!


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