Thursday, June 7, 2012

To do list.

ACK!  So much to do.
Must prioritze.

Logan's party is on Saturday and I have SO much to do!!! I sent out invitations to 10 kids. ALL 10 said yes.  So with Logan and Zach that's 12.  I think I might be certifiably insane as I am having this party at my house!!

In a brief momment of forward thinking, I finished the goody bags last weekend.  I have made the cake already and the cupcakes. Cake is iced already but here is the remainder of my to do:

1. Ice Cupcakes - Going to try to do something clever and creative here, but if it doesn't pan out, I am not going to worry about it.
2. Clean House
3. Tidy up backyard including taking a bunch of stuff to the dump (residual stuff from the recent renos)
4. Laundry
5. Make Punch
6. Clean Fish Tank
7. Wash off deck - We did some backyard renos and there are muddy footprints on the deck... those gotta go!!

PLUS!!! Since the #$%^&(*)(*&%# Air conditioner died this week, I have the repair people coming tomorrow between the super convienient hours of 9 am and 2pm.  That doesn't mess up my day at all.   I am so lucky in that I can work from home, so that's great.  I don't have wireless though, which means I am stuck down in the basement all day, which isn't so awesome.

Hopefully the figure out the problem and then hopefully it's covered under warranty!


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