Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday Nature extravaganza

Sunday was a gorgeous day, so we decided to go out.

First stop was Fort Whyte  

The boys got to see Bison, which are very cool to see up close. 

We went for a really long walk and found some teepees.
 After the initial hike, we went to the interpretive center. 
There we went dip netting in the marsh and found all sorts of bugs /creatures in the water.
After the dip netting and more hiking, we left Fort Whyte and headed to the Children's Nature playground at Assinboine Park

The Nature playground is one of the boys favorite places.  It has saucer swings, a climbing mountain, a rope crow's nest.... so much fun.
After a picnic and some play time, we headed over to the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

 The Sculpture garden is so beautiful and for added fun on Sunday afternoon, they had Jazz musicians playing.  So we sat on the edge of this gorgeous fountain and listened to jazz in the sunshine.

It was one of the moments where everything is so ... perfect that you almost don't feel like you are really there.

After a wonderful day out, we went home.  Zach and Logan went for another bike ride (Logan opted for a pre-bike popsicle as his throat was sore).  Then it was off to Zach's soccer game in the evening.

We jam packed that summer day.  It was awesome.


HP said...

That looks like an awesome day.

I haven't been to Fort Whyte in so long - perhaps a good spot to take my bro and his gf when she comes to Manitoba for the first time!

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