Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spaghetti Incident

We have been changing things at Chez Hargreaves.

I had been getting so tired of all the yelling, so we instituted a "NO YELLING" house. 

That means not only yelling when you are frustrated, but not yelling at someone from across the house if you need something ( a clean shirt from the laundry room etc). You get up and go talk to them.

It's been working.

Add to that my decision to ignore Zach when he gets frustrated and starts with his negative talking.  It might seem counter productive, but ADHD kids want attention, and I don't want to encourage this behavior.  By ignoring it, the amount and duration of his negative talking has decreased.  By no means is it gone, but we have to start somewhere.

Last night Zach didn't want to eat his spaghetti.


Like most parents, I can sniff out when a meltdown is coming.  As and ADHD parent, I am freaking blood hound.  I knew that we were walking the line with Zach, so I asked him if he wanted to go to his room to calm down.

He did.  He stayed for about 10 minutes. When I went into check on him, he wasn't ready to come out. I said he could stay and that his dinner would be ready for him when he was calm.

He came out 5 minutes later, sat down and gobbled up his spaghetti like it was his favorite meal. 

Maybe we are catching on here. 

See that is the thing that is so hard about being a parent of an ADHD kid.  Every day you struggle with things.  While we struggle with the same things as other parents, for us, things are just MORE. I don't know how else to explain it, it's just MORE.

Recently, I was so fed up and needed so desperatly to talk to someone who understood, I found an online ADHD forum.

HOW have I been missing this the whole time?   The parents there are wonderful and by some amazing intervention, I have met a Mum who is going through exactly what we are going through.

High Fiving a million Angels on that one....

Today, I woke up and there were rainbows at my bus stop.   It was a really great way to start the day...


HP said...

love it. you're such a rockstar!

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