Thursday, June 28, 2012

Return of Swamp thing....

Let's go for a bike ride I said.

We should get out and enjoy the nice day I said.

I never learn.

Last night the boys and I went for a bike ride.  We went to the Royalwood forest, but instead of staying on the main road (very flat, dry with no drop offs...) we decided to try one of the bike trails
(narrow, up and down, wet with lots of drop offs).

Everything was going well for the first little while.
Zach led the way and I went last.  Zach likes to race ahead, so off he went and Logan and I kept up our steady pace.

At a few points during the ride, there is a kind of dirt crevasse. The trail follows so closely to the bank and the bank isn't  a perfect line.  So they have put these wooden planks across these crevasse things that allow you to cross without having to go around.

I sincerely hope that I described that well enough. Anyways, the planks are about the width of a couple 2x4s.  They span a droff off of a few feet into the swampy water below.  Zach was crossing and the front wheel of his bike went off the egde of the plank.  His bike went down...

Yeah... gravity works...
Gravity Won Gif - Gravity Won

When his bike went down, Zach jumped onto the bank.  By the time Logan and I got there (about 2 minutes later, but I am sure it felt like an eternity to Zach), he was really upset thinking that he bike had been lost to the swamp forever.

Not on my watch.

The bank was a couple feet up from the water, so I had to climb down in regretably the worst footwear ever... flip flops. I got down and half of the bike was out of the water, so I didn't think it would be that bad...

So my initial feelings of...

Rapidly turned into..
So I am now up to my ankles in very smelly, gross... DEFINTELY NOT SPA QUALITY mud.

Pulled out Zach's bike and hoisted it up to the boys who were standing on the plank looking quite wide eyed.

Bike now on the bank, I was faced with the task of getting out of the swamp.... in flip flops.

I got out as best I could... clambered up the bank only to realise that my sh*tastic footwear are no longer on my feet.... In that ridiculously thick-cheesecake like muck, my flip flops came off.

So back down the bank I got and start rooting around in the mud.  Got them and came back up.  Zach didn't want to ride his bike as it was dirty, but he isn't quite tall enough to ride mine. 

Rather than go home, we pressed on.  I did receive a few odd glances from people on the trail because I was completely covered in mud. I didn't realise but I even had mud on my face... that's nice.  Here's a pic of the aftermath of my "clean" foot and pant leg.

It turned out to be quite the adventure... I guess the best thing to take away from these situations is:


HP said...

oh brutal. I think old navy has flip flops on sale for a buck on saturday - perhaps you can order online? ;-)

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