Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Onward and Upward

So admittedly yesterday wasn't a great day - mental health wise.

But last night  turned out pretty good.  See the worst days with ADHD kids an sometimes (and I do stress sometimes) be the best days if you can work together and get through it.

Zach was in a complete pisser of a mood going to soccer.  It was like he had a mouthful of bees.  Before every game, they have a practice.  Zach was glaring at me and doing things that he knew I do not like. 

So in what I am choosing to call personal growth, I ignored him. I knew that he was doing it for attention, so you take the attention away, it's no longer satisfying for him. So I got up and went over to the playground with Logan.

Logan and I went back to the sidelines when the game was going to start. Zach came over and said "Why weren't you watching me???!!"  I explained that I wasn't going to sit there and watch him glare at me.  He just got quite and said "oh".

Moving on! 

Once the game started, Zach was a different kid.  Physical activity is amazing.    Zach played forward, defence and goal.  He was running and playing so hard, he was sweating!  A couple times, he made a big play and the parents on the sidelines just cheered!  That was all it took, and he was in the ZONE. 

So I guess, the moral of my Tuesday, it's not how you start, it's how you finish...

Taking my cue from yesterday, here are some of my favorite positive/happy images:


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