Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's been rough

Well the past few days has been rough.

Logan reacted badly to the anesthetic in the hospital. Despite being given extra anti-nausea meds, he still starting throwing up after surgery.

I can't think of any thing more painful than vomiting just after having your tonsils out.  He was throwing up on and off for a few hours.

When they discharged us to go home, I was so concerned because I know that Logan gets motion sickness. Sure enough, the whole way home he was getting sick in the backseat.  Poor Kid.

 We have been giving him pain meds around the clock as per the doctor instruction.  So we wake up at 2 am to give him a dose.  By the end of the 4 hours (how long the meds last), he is crying and uncomfortable.

His best friend came over and dropped off some organic all natural ice cream, banana honey.  It was the sweetest thing ever!!

I also have the best boss on the planet. Truely I do. When I was talking to her after Logan's surgery, she said that if I needed to I could stay home and an extra day or two to look after Logan.  How amazing is that???

This is why I will work my freaking tail off, put in overtime and not complain, when you have a boss like that, you work HARD.

So I am at home today.  My Mum is all lined up to look after Logan tommorrow and next week if he needs her to.

Hopefully we are over the worst of it and he gets better soon.


HP said...

banana honey?! where did the kid buy it? that sounds delicious.

Poor lil Logan.

Jodi said...

The Banana Honey ice cream was made from scratch with their ice cream maker. Just Bananas, cream and honey.

it was so good.

Brad and I were so impressed, we bought an ice cream maker!!

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