Monday, June 11, 2012

Air conditoner is FIXED!!!

The air conditioner repairman came Sunday morning.

He spent two hours checking everything out. Apparently there was a loose pipe and the freon leaked out.  So he tightened up the pipe, refilled the freon and then repressurized the system, used this stuff to check for leaks... all of that happened, not sure if I got the order right.

But we are back in business. Whew!  Plus it was all covered under warranty.


Logan's birthday was awesome.  The boys all had a great time.  Logan was so happy everyone came, especially Cameron. Cameron is a little boy with special needs in Logan's class. Logan and him have got a great little bond.  So it was great to finally meet Cameron.

After the party, Logan wanted to go shopping, his birthday money and giftcards were burning a hole in his pocket.  He ended up getting the Skylanders game, which he has wanted for awhile along with some Jet's clothes.

Then on Sunday, he lost his tooth, so for Logan, it was a pretty big weekend!!!


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