Monday, May 7, 2012

Race Recap

Saturday was probably the nicest day we have ever had for Race Set up.

I actually got a sunburn. SUNBURN.  Last year, we got frostbite, this year sunburn. Insane.

The only hiccup was our $15,000 inflatable finish line.  It got misplaced by one of the committee members.  I think it was being stored on the military base, but then someone moved it without telling him.  So less than ideal, but we borrowed one from the running room so all was well.

Race day morning was warmer than last year, but it did rain. Rain is actually great for the runners, keeps you cool (provided your feet don't get wet), but for volunteers and us organizers, it makes for challenges. 

My finish line volunteers were amazing. Some of them have been with me for over 5 years.  That's crazy. I geuninely look forward to seeing them every year. Wouldn't be the same without them.

Got home Sunday night exhausted. Good exhausted, happy exhausted but just effing exhausted.

We were up before dawn in Sunday morning, so it made for a really long day.

WPS Half Marathon 2012 is in the books. Looks like we are on pasce to make over $120,000 this year, bringing our total to about $700,000 since the race started 8 years ago.



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