Monday, May 28, 2012

Girls Weekend Recap...

Had a great weekend.

Went out Friday.  Took her on the "Tour" with the Go-Carts, fed the horses, saw the old homestead etc.

The weather wasn't bad, but it wasn't that nice either, kinda cool/damp. So we came in, put a fire on and watched movies and drank wine....

Saturday, I have a firm belief... and that is....

Thankfully Jill is of the same mind.  After a leisurely breakfast, we had a decadent morning of total indulgence, just being able to hang out by the woodstove fire, reading books, napping, watching movies and talking.  Amazing.

In the afternoon we went for a really nice long walk.  Went up to see the horses again, who were really friendly. Love horses, my favorite part is petting the velvety hair at the end of their noses.

It amazes me that Jill and I can talk for hours. HOURS.  About everything and anything. I have said before that I am not one to talk about religion, but I can with her.   We have similar beliefs and although her upbringing was more formally religious than mine, it's still pretty cool that we can find that common ground.

During one of our walks, Jill inadvertently bumped into a woodtick nest... Oh. Holy Hell.  She got 16 ticks on her... I didn't even have one.... never seen so many tick on one person in my entire life!!


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