Monday, May 14, 2012

Anniversary and Mothers Day Extravaganza

Things never turn out like I plan.  that's alright. Most of the time they work out for the better.

We had originally planned to go the cabin just Brad and I.  But I will spare you the comedy of errors that ensued while trying to plan it and just say that in the end, Brad, Zach, Logan and I all went to the cabin.

We had a brief hiccup on Friday when Logan got a minor concussion, but he turned out to be fine, so we were still able to go.

Weekend was lovely. Weather was so great that the boys got out fishing and riding the go carts.  We pulled donuts and did a lot of off roading. It was pretty cool/

Sunday was lovely and relaxing.  We stayed out at the cabin until lunch or so.  Once in the city, Brad brought me champagne and I got to sit out on my deck, sipping champagne in the sun ready a book.  In the land of me, that is pretty damn close to perfection.


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