Monday, April 2, 2012


Sunday I woke up feeling horrid.

I had been fighting headaches all last week, which then morphed into a rather painful sore throat for a few days.  Sunday had the cough moving into my chest, headache, sneezing, sore throat, nausea and for added fun...hives!

Weekend was good though. took the boys out to a movie, did some outdoor running, visited my nephews. All good.

Logan was pretty sweet this morning. The first thing that my boys think of when you say you are sick is that you are going to throw up. When I explained I wasn't going to, Logan came running back with a sore throat drop.Made me smile.

I went to give Zach a hug good bye a daycare and he said no.  When I looked surprised, he just said, "No offense Mum, but I don't want to catch what you have " LOL... good point kid. Can't blame you.


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