Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go! Go! Go!

What a busy week and it's only Wednesday!

Monday was the AGM at the Daycare.  I am now the Treasurer and part of the Board of Directors Executive. YAY!  I genuinely love working with numbers, so I am excited about this new role.

Tuesday was busy with work, quarter end... nothing new, just lots of shit to get done.

Wednesday is the first Board of Directors meeting. Two Board meetings in one week is a little hectic for me, but I am making it work. If all goes well, I won't have to work late and I can leave in time to make the meeting.

On top of all that it's getting close to the WPS Half Marathon!  I am on the Race Committee and similar to last year, my claim to fame is the Finish line!

The Finish line gets all the glory.  It's where some of the best moments of the day happen and I am beyond fortunate to get to witness it all first hand.
Part of what makes my job so amazing is working with such amazing people.  At the finish line, we have Cancer Survivors helping to hand out medals.  It is such a poignant way to end such a great race. Each Cancer Survivor wears a yellow shirt... Here is my kick ass Survivors from previous years...

I can't say I really enjoyed the weather last year. The blizzard made for some pretty crazy conditions to for the runners, volunteers and committee members, but we hung in there.  Hopefully this year the weather will be a little kinder!

My letter to the finish line volunteers has been sent! So it's just a matter of weeks before we all get together and spend a fantastic weekend working hard, cheering people on and raising money for a great cause.

It's the kind of exhaustion that makes you feel good about your place in the world you know?


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