Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend was great.

Friday night we went to the Family Fun Night for the Ashworth Childrne's Center. The boys were looking forward to it for weeks! They had a great time watching the magician and then playing in the hockey arena!

Saturday I went out with Jillian. We went and sa 21 Jump Street. Holy. I have never been on Channing Tatum's bandwagon. Gotta say, he kills it in that movie. So good. It has just the right mix of funny/action/eye candy.

Sunday was a visit with Kendra and Adam. I haven't seen the little man for 2 months, and he's gotten SO BIG! It was great to get my baby fix.

The best part of the whole weekend was when the boys came home of course, they had a great time at the cabin. Got to go exploring with Ceasar (the German Shepard who belongs to Farmer Dale). Caesar is a HUGE HUGE HUGE dog, but he is so amazing with the boys. He watches out for them. It's hilarious. You can't even scold the boys when Caeasr is around because he will snarl at you. He protects them. It's pretty sweet.

And just like that.. it's Spring Break.

time flies.


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