Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekend Baby!

So glad it's the weekend.

Yesterday was rough.  Work was fine, rushed home and went to the daycare to help the Director with the budget.  I like working with numbers, she doesn't, so it's kind of a win-win for both of us.

We figured out most of what was going on.  Then,  I came home to find Brad up to his elbows in the sink. Out sink has been plugged for two days. Usually if the garburator plugs, we our a bottle of draino and easy peasy, we are good to go.

We tried one bottle Tuesday night.  It usually only take an hour of so, but that didn't work, We let it sit all day while we were at work and still nothing. So Wednesday, Brad bought a stronger one and poured that one down.  Nothing.

So here we are on Thursday and I still don't have a sink. We can't run the dishwasher  because it drains into the same pipes are the sink and since the clog is way farther down (so technically the sink isn't clogged, the pipes are) it would back up.

We are rapidly running out of dishes.  Brad busted out the plunger and went to town.  Finally cleared the block. Back in business

Read some Harry Potter to the boys and then I was off and running to the Dakota Sport registration.   Holy Hell.  Mayhem.  It looked like a job fair, tables set up everywheres representing the various sports, soccer, basketball etc.

You have to wait in line and sign up at each sport station, then you have to take your form and go the checkout.  But heaven forbid you don't stop at the MANDATORY raffle station first, or they will send you back.  You have to buy $20 of raffle tickets. Then you can sell them and keep the cash. Whoopdee freakin do.

What a long effing night.


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