Monday, March 12, 2012

Melt baby melt!

Weekend was nice. Had to leave work early on Friday as I got a call from the school that Zach wasn't feeling well.  He was pretty quiet Friday night, but Saturday he was back to his old self.

Saturday was enlightening.  We went to cheer on my nephew's hockey playoff game.  It was amazing!  Even though they lost, they played a great game.  I was a very proud aunt that day.

During the game though, a parent from the other team came over to our side and said "Player 11 is getting way more ice time than anyone else, I guess some teams will do whateer it takes to win".


First - Total passive/aggressive.  You can't just walk over, drop that verbal bomb and then walk away. As if.

Second - This parents team was WINNING.  So even if we were playing #11 more (we weren't) and they were our best player (they weren't), what difference would it make to the other team as they were still in the lead. I could potentially see parents from our team complaining that a player was getting more ice time than their son/daughter, but why would care about the losing team?

So that was a little enlightening.  Also, having the parents cheer on the kids is great.  Having the parents yell or get mad at players when they goofed up, NOT OKAY.

It's a game folks.  Chill the fuck out.


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