Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baked Carnage....

God of Carnage was good. 

It was a one scene play. No intermission. It centered around two couples whose children had gotten into a playground squabble which resulted in one of the boys getting hurt.

I can understand why they did it as one scene as the entire play took place in the living room of one of the couples. It would be hard to break up a single scene like that.

What started out as a civilized conversation with two sets of parents, each of whom praising eachother for being so rational and calm about the situation, quickly dissolves into chaos where couples turn on eachother and then themselves.

It was strange watching the play. I had a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, the same feeling I get when I have to talk to someone about my kids behavior.  It was like at any second they were going to turn to the audience and somehow drag me into the argument.

The play was well done, the acting stellar.  One thing that I didn't like; there was a vomiting scene.

Ick. And honestly, I don't think it really added anything to play.

There were a lot of comical moments and the audience was in stitches.  I laughed, not nearly as some of the other audience members however!

After the play, Debbie and I went out for coffee at Baked Expectations. I really admire Debbie, she is so bright and I have learned a lot about the kind of professional I want to be from her.

Such a great evening.


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