Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday already?

This week is flying.

Going to swing by GG's tonight... see if she needs anything.  Tomorrow night Erica (the divinely wonderful, recently engaged Erica) is going to come over for some wine. Always a good time.

Saturday, Logan requested a get together with his buddy Ryan. Well requested makes it sound like he asked me once.  He didn't He asked me everyday, twice a day for an entire week.  Finally got around to calling Dee (Ryan's Mum) to set something up.

I don't recall being 6 and having my mother be my personal assistant, setting up playdates and stuff.  It's so bizarre. That being said, my boys probably do more laundry & chores than most, so I suppose it evens out. I'm a firm believer that boys should know how to cook and clean up after themselves.  If my boys get married, whomever they marry will not be subject to doing all of that by themselves. I have to give credit where credit is due and my mother in law taught her boys well.  They know how to cook and do half of all household chores.  Well done.

My goal as a parent (one of many) is to raise my sons to be hard working, respectful, polite and kind.  Not just to women, but to everyone. If we can nail down those 4 criteria, I will have done my job.  It's been commented on more than one occasion on "how polite the Hargreaves boys are" and it makes me really happy.  There is of course a whole bunch of auxilliary criteria I would love to nail down as well; smart, successful, good sense of humor, determined, courageous, ethical, self sufficient and honest...yeah, the auxilliary list is pretty big. Thus the reason I have a top 4.... priorities.

It's a little late to be talking about resolutions.  I have had mine for awhile, but never mentioned them here.  There is of course the usual.... being healthier etc.  But the big one for this year, is being kind.  Not that I was evil or anything to begin with, it's just that I get a big kick out of helping people - thus the reason I volunteer as much as I do.  So my delayed resolution for 2012 is to do more of that.... Kindness, in all forms.

Wow... what a twisted, turning blog post.

Whatevs... that's what it's like in my head, so it's an accurate portrayal...


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