Monday, February 27, 2012

Laundry! The Big Bang Way!

Two things about our family.
1) We LOVE the Big Bang Theory
2) We hate folding laundry

The other day the boys were watching Big Bang and Sheldon (character on the show) was folding laundry. Sheldon doesn't fold alundry the old school way, he has a contraption to help him.

The boys thought that was AMAZING!  They hate folding laundry, but it's a part of their weekly chores. I figure if this would help them and make it more fun, then it's money well spent.

So I found the company that makes the contraption Sheldon used on the show and ordered one. In fact I ordered two. An adult size and a junior, which is perfect  for kids clothes and smaller items.

Here is a video of Sheldon using the flip fold:


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