Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ever so slightly less than ideal

Home renos can be great, but they can also be stressfull. Even more so when they are unplanned.

On Valentines day, I was cleaning things up and happened to move my couch, only to see that the wall behind it was damp.  We have a fireplace hookup that we haven't installed because it's in a totally bizarre placement on the wall. What we think happned is that outside, the siding cracked and started letting in moisture.  The vapor barrier stopped it, but the water pooled on the ground behind the wall, which was them wicking up and making the drywall soft ( not really soft, but a little bit).. The really good news is that when we cut into the wall to find out what was going on, there was no mold which is a HUGE relief.  I always associate water damage with mold, so that was a bit of good news.
It's too cold to rip open the walls right now. So we are currently leaving the hole in the drywall (it's a big opening) so that things can dry out. We have a de-humidifier set up.  Then we are gong to reseal it off temporarily until Spring, wehen we can go into full demolition mode and tear down the whole outside wall to repair the crack/damage.

Added bonus is that we decided since we will have to replace a good amount of the wood on the outside, it would be really hard to match the old stuff, so we have decided to get vinyl siding.  Then, because I only have a half can of paint left for the living room, we are going to repaint the entire living room/dining room.

So what is a not so good thing  might turn out to be not so bad.


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