Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Regular running around sort of a weekend.  I got to take the Rav out for a big spin and head out to Steinbach (or somwhere south of Steinbach) for a bridal shower on Saturday.

But before I left the city, I did a bunch of running around for my Grandma. She caught a flu bug this week, and so she wasn't up to going out at all. I just got her list, and made my way through the list of errands and then came back.

Sunday was good.  I got a chance to talk to Debbie.  Debbie and I both have 2 boys the exact same age. They go to the same daycare, play on the same hockey team, soccer team, we are both on the Board of Directors at the daycare (She's the president, I'm the Treasurer), so needless to say, we see eachother a lot.

Debbie is the Director of Capital Markets for MTS.  She is a phenomenal executive and I really value her opinion.  So with taking on this new role of Co-Chair of the United Way committee, I asked her to go for coffee on Sunday. We talked about the do's and don'ts, how to avoid common pitfalls.  I had some specific questions on what would be the best course of action in a few situations and I found her comments invaluable.

So fortunate to have this resource of strong, determined, smart women in my circle.They are nailing it on a daily basis and I am lucky to be surrounded by them.


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