Friday, January 13, 2012

Poker Face!

It's Poker weekend baby!  Our seasonal poker party is scheduled for Saturday. Awesome.  Head count is only at 16 this time, which is better as the 22 we had last time really filled up the basement!

Saturday afternoon we are going SUV shopping.  We have gone 2 and a half months without a second vehicle and it's kinda of making us buggy.  While the car I wrote off (Rest in Peace, Miss Fairfax Summerville) was great, it's not the greatest for off roading at the cabin. So we decided to get a SUV.  We are going down to look at a Rav 4.  Brad looked at it yesterday and he really liked it.  So I am going to go check it out on Saturday. Hopefully by next week we'll have it in the garage!

Outside of Poker, this weekend isn't nearly as mental as last weekend.  Sheesh, last weekend, I didn't have an hour of my weekendthat wasn't planned out.  I am going to take the boys and go visit GG this weekend. With Mum, Dad, Aunt and Uncle in Texas for 5 months, she doesn't get a lot of visitors, so my cousin Angie and I make sure she is looked after.

Other than that I have to say I am in a pretty good state of mind. I got some decent sleep the past 2 nights and had espresso free mornings, which is a big improvement.  I was planning on sleeping in tomorrow, but Brad has to be at work for 7:30 and since we only have one car......hmm maybe I could go check out that Rav tonight LOL.


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