Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let the record show...

it wasn't me this time.

Brad & Owen went to the cabin this weekend - had a great time.  I got to stay home and play single mum running around with theatre classes, hockey, taking Grandma out for errands... that kind of thing.

Brad made it home early enough to take Zach to his hockey game on Sunday night.  On the way home,  a police car had his lights on coming down Bishop.  The car in front of  the police car was taking the merge onto Dakota.  In his rush to get out of the way, he swerved and went right into Brad and hit the Rav.

The NEW Rav.

The Rav we have had for a week.

On a positive note, no one was hurt, the damage only appeared to be a paint scrape on the bumper which they can likely buff out.

Honestly, once I found out everyone was OK, i was just thrilled that I wasn't driving.

For once, it wasn't me.



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