Friday, January 20, 2012



Huzzah!  Weeekend. 

So looking forward to sleeping.  Didn't get to sleep in at all last weekend, but this one I totally will. Sh*t, I may have jinxed myself. 

Boys are pumped for the weekend, no particular reason except that it's the weekend. Can't fault them for that cause I am the same way.

Zach has discovered chess and he LOVES it. He likes checkers, but asked about the "extra" pieces that it came with. So last night, we sat down and I explained the finer points.  He caught on really fast.  Gees, the more complicated the better for Zach.  It keeps him interested.  If given a choice of playing a DS or playing chess, I am over the moon that my son loves chess.

Logan is very worked up about his upcoming surgery. He has asked Zach about 100 times if he is going to miss him when he's in the hospital. Zach's very patient and each time tells him yes, he will miss him.  Logan swings from being very complacent "It's not big deal, they are just going to go into my throat and take my tonsils, easy peasy..." to full on crying to that he's scared.

The good thing is that I can take the day off work and spend the night at the hospital with him so he won't be alone. The thought of Logan being all by himself scared in the hospital makes my stomach flip, so I am glad that I get to stay.

I have only driven the Rav once since we got it, so I am looking forward to taking it out this weekend!



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