Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday we were not amused.

Okay, I am not going to be someone who speaksof themselves in the thrid person, but yesterday I was so damn frustrated,  I almost screamed.

It's year end at work. Busy. Busy. Busy.  But I am also on the Finance Committee of the Daycare board of directors and it's budget time. Busy Busy Busy. So I had to make an effort to attend this board meeting becase we would be discussing the budget. I know people would have questions, so I wanted to be on hand to answer them.

I got all my stuff done at work, which is a freaking miracle, so that I could leave by 5pm. Board meeting was at 6pm, so plenty of time.

I went online and checked out the bus schedule and saw that there was a bus leaving earlier from a different stop than I usually go to. So I went there. and waited. and waited. A half hour later (5:30 if you are keeping track at home) and there is no bus to be seen. So screw this, I walked back to my usual bus stop and hopped a bus that was sitting there.

The bus I took will get me close to home, but drops me off about 4 blocks away.  In the summer, no problem.  In the winter, this is one frosty walk.  But I decided it was better than waiting for my usual bus.  I got to the meeting 30 minutes late.  My initial concerns about being at the meeting just as it was ending were unfounded as the meeting didn't end until 8:45pm.

Things are going to be picking up at the daycare board, because I have agreed to take on the Executive Treasurer position.  Add that to my taking on the role of Co-Chair of the Investors Group United Way campaign and my existing responsibilties on the Winnipeg Police Half Marathon Race Executive... frick! it's going to be a busy year!!!


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